Name: Allexa  Age : 25
From : Florida
Gangbang Experience: Gangbang virgin
Slut Episode # 222

Allexa is a hot Latina/Native American girl we found at the convention in Florida. She was walking around with tight short jeans and her tight hot body just called for extra attention. I thought it was J Lo when I first glimpse and she was happy and excited to be on the site.

We talked to her right on the convention floor and we brought her directly to our hotel room. Once in the room, we showed her the site with more detail and how many guys would become her fans and all and after a few minutes of that, Allexa was taking off her clothes.

She seemed shy at first but she is one of those girls that all of a sudden become very slutty when they see a hard cock. I went down on her first while the guys were groping her and then she kneel down and started to put all of our cocks in her mouth. And after giving us all good head and making us very hard, we got her on the bed where we started to fuck her very tight pussy.

She moaned and marveled about our cocks and we fucked her hard to make this an event memorable for her. We fucked her a good hour and a half until her tight wet pussy started to get sore. And that is when we all started to cum for Allexa. And this time it seems like every one chose a spot to cum on.. some did on her belly, another on her titties, another oneon her pretty face and I came in her ear.. don't know how that happened, usually my loads end up inside a girl's pussy but this time it ended up in her ear.


All of the models are over the age of 18 years old as required by Section 2257 of title 18, U.S.C.