Name: Bailey  Age: 2 7
From : No California
Gangbang Experience: First time gangbang girl
Gangbang Episode # 230


Funny we gangbanged two Bailey in a row and both were new gangbang girls. Only that this Bailey is from California. She is a friend of Casey Clover and they used to dance at the same club up in Northern California. She found out about Casey's gangbang with us last year when she did it and she thought that was crazy.

However, it intrigued her since Casey told her she had a really good time so after more than a year, she finally decided to contact us to see if we could set up a small party for her when she came down to Southern California. Bailey told me she used to be a lesbian for a good while and she described herself as a "recovering lesbian".  She was hesitant about being with multiple men because she was barely re-discovering cock but she decided to immerse herself into a lot of sex with men to see what she was missing.

So Bailey came down on a weekend and we met at a coffee place. She was very nervous and kinda serious in the beginning as she was actually scared. But after a while, she got comfortable and we had a good chat. We then took her back to the gangbang place and we shot this video. Once the cocks were out, Bailey just turned into a slut. She is a natural slut but I guess she just didn't know it. She sucked cock with a lot of passion and she loved all of us taking turns on her. And I'm not sure how many times she came but I guess it was at least 5 times.

We fucked her for a long time until we were all drained and in the end Bailey was grateful that she decided to go thru with it as she said she had a fantastic time and was looking forward to the next one already.


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