Name: Doriah  Age: 24
From : Tampa, FL
Gangbang Experience:
She is an experienced gangbang slut. The most she ever did was "the entire swing club"..
Gangbang Episode # 227


I met Doriah a few months before we went to Florida by contacting her on a swingers site. She has been a swinger for couple of years and she was actually featured along with her husband in an upcoming documentary on swingers in America. She told me she loved being the center of attention to a lot of men and that she had done quite a few parties before so she also wanted to be on the site so she could get off to the idea of many guys jerking off to her.

I knew Doriah was a natural slut and that I was going to enjoy partying with her. But she was just beyond great.. I have to say she is one of the girls I have had the most fun fucking in a gangbang ever. She loves to get fucked and it shows, once a cock is in her mouth or pussy, she goes very wild. I was asked her what was her record gangbang and she told me she couldn't remember as she had fucked the entire swing club, so you're talking about a woman that will take on 30 guys easily in one session.

So we fucked Doriah the entire afternoon and we wanted to fuck her more that night but she wanted to go to the swing club and we ended up going somewhere else. I wish we could have fucked her some more but I know we will do her again next time we are in Florida. No way I wouldn't miss out on her..


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