Name: Envy 
From : Poland
Gangbang Experience: Experienced hot wife
Slut Episode # 224


Envy is one woman I used to j/o to a lot in the late nineties. She did some adult movies back then with her husband and other man and I remember the one scene where I got off the most was one where she was getting double teamed by her husband and some other guy. So when found her thru a swinger friend of mine, I was thrilled by the fact that I could possibly meet a woman I had wished to fuck so much. So I sent her an email and told her about the hot wife site and this site and she liked the idea since she thought it was interesting. So on her vacation in California (She lives in Europe) with her husband, I got to meet them and ended up fucking her first as a threesome with one of the guys. The night after, we did a gangbang with her in private and we fucked her a lot.

Then after a few days, I arranged this gangbang shoot but unfortunately for her couple of the guys that were coming that night got stuck on the freeway because of car problems so we started without them and we ended up being 3 guys for her. She told me she really enjoyed getting fucked in front of her hubby so he was in the room the whole time we were fucking Envy.

We took turns or Envy's pussy and mouth and she said she wanted her pussy filled up with cum, so after fucking her for a while we came on her and inside her to make her happy. After the gangbang, she just put her panties back on and she left with her husband and I am sure he took her back to the hotel to fuck her for being such slut


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