Name: Riley Brooks   Age : 25
From : California
Gangbang Experience: Thanks to WCGB, she is now an experienced gangbang slut
Gangbang Episode # 233

Riley's first gangbang was earlier in the year and since then we have had a few private parties with her being the center of attention. She enjoyed having her first party on camera as she can watch it at home and get off to being a gangbang slut.

So I asked about doing another gangbang for the site (we fuck often so we might as well) so she was glad to be on video again showing off how she takes cocks. Also, she is looking as pretty as ever and she is horny all the time too, so it was great to fuck her on camera.

We first went out that evening to get some drinks at the local pier and she was getting off on being slutty in public. She would come and grab us one and by one and people around us where really paying attention to how she was acting. Maybe some thought she was drunk, but little did they knows Riley is a horny gangbang slut.

So after a few drinks and some sushi, we took her back to my friends place and gangbanged her.We fucked her on camera for about an hour until every one came on her or inside her. And then we turned off the lights and we kept on fucking her for the rest of the night.


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