Name: Tina Marie  Age: 20
From : Tampa, FL
Gangbang Experience: Always curious but never tried
Gangbang Episode # 231

Tina Marie is a friend of Britney Jay from Tampa who came to visit few weeks ago. She was in LA to do new things and to try being an adult star, so Britney referred her to us to welcome her to the West Coast. Tina had never been to California before and she was very happy to be visiting. And on her second night in in LA, I set up this gangbang for her so she could get a better taste of California.

Tina is a tall girl and is also very sexy with a big slut potential. She wanted us to cum to her hotel and gangbang her there and she even asked me to bring girls too. But we decided it was best to do this right, so we got her to our place and made sure she got all of our attention. I figure maybe we could do an orgy with her and another girl anytime in the future.

Anyway, I went to pick her up at the hotel and on the way to the gangbang place she was telling me about how she had always wanted to go wild but that she was too restricted back home. And that she saw her time in California as the chance to make up for all the cocks and pussies she had been missing. I then pulled my cock out while sitting in traffic and she started to "show me" how good of a cock sucker she is. She sucked my cock all the way back to the place and I was pretty much read to blow but I held my cum.

Once at the place, she played with the guys a bit before the video and the pictures and then we started the shoot. We fucked her wet pink pussy for couple of hours and we came on camera and off camera. In all, I think we kept her there until past midnight and I am sure she ended up sore at the end of the night. She loved all the cocks and cum in her and on her and she said she really wanted to try a bigger group along with other girls so we'll see if we can put that together in the future


All of the models are over the age of 18 years old as required by Section 2257 of title 18, U.S.C.