Name: Victoria  Age : 21
From : Florida
Gangbang Experience: New to group sex
Slut Episode # 223


We met Victoria on the weekend of the internet convention down in Florida. We forgot our badges from the convention in order to get into this private party for web people and we decided to hang around this street with lots of clubs and bars in Ft Lauderdale. And it is a great place to meet girls I might add.

Anyway, we were at this club trying to pick up on girls and one of the guys approached Victoria. She knew about the convention that was taking place and the parties around the area so they started talking and he told her who we were and what we did. And then they came over to me and my friend introduced to me so I started telling her more and more about the exciting world of girls getting multiple dicks. She was intrigued but not sure and I really wasn't expecting her to do anything but as we spent more time at the club, she started to get more loose and we were all groping her in one corner of the place where we were. And after that, it was easy talking to her into going back to the room with us.

We got back to the room and it was like 4am and some of us were a bit wasted but she was there with us so we started to touch her and feel her pussy and tits. I then turned the camera on and I managed to get the event on video. We gangbanged Victoria until past 5am and we fucked her quite a bit. She had a nice tight pussy that was not used to being fucked like that but she enjoyed being shared. In the end we came all over her body and we all went to sleep until noon.

The day after, one of the guys started fucking her in the shower and we ended up gang fucking her again just before the room service lady came in. Victoria is the only girl we have gangbanged after just meeting for the first time at a club, so maybe we should try this more often.


All of the models are over the age of 18 years old as required by Section 2257 of title 18, U.S.C.